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Working drawings

working drawings short 640

Working drawings are necessary for construction as they are made to scale 1:50, 1:20, 1:10 and show all the details a builder needs.

In addition to the set lodged for DA or CDC working drawings include:

  • electrical layout
  • reflected ceiling plan
  • wet area details
  • joinery details
  • detail sections
  • window and door schedules
  • feature details


“As constructed” drawings and manuals

We will prepare as constructed drawings and user manuals and source all required completion and compliance certificates to facilitate approval, occupation, maintenance and use of the building.

For “As constructed” drawings we will:

  • detail variations required or requested during construction and incorporate them into the construction drawings
  • record and detail the location, detail and operation of services  installations



The cost of working drawings will depend on square area, design complexity and required level of detailing.

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