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Pre-designed houses

Australian house

We believe that if we have a vision about a modern affordable home it is our duty to the community to share that vision. We developed an idea of an Australian house to show that affordable can mean elegant.

We would like to see a broader range of house styles in Australian suburbs. This is why we want to promote variety of forms and prove that good architecture does not have to be constrained to only selected areas.


We believe that when design and construct specialists work together rather than independently the result is beneficial for the client in terms of time and cost control.

It allows to avoid many disappointments: clients not getting what they want, designers not seeing their dear creation finished as expected and builders having to deal with everyone’s frustration.

Design you own house

You can use our design as a starting point and we will change it to suit your requirements and site conditions.

Contact us and we will arrange a meeting with our partner, Harbour City Homes, with whom we offer House #34.


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