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Construction Certificate

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Construction Certificate

After your Development Application is approved, a Construction Certificate is required to actually start building.

Construction Certificate:

  • makes sure that the detailed construction plans and specifications comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and any other relevant Australian standard;
  • certifies that the detailed construction plans and specifications are consistent with the Development Consent;
  • certifies that the relevant development consent conditions have been complied with;
  • certifies that all necessary contributions and fees have been paid.

A Construction Certificate can be issued by Council or a private accredited certifier.

NOTE: You will also need to appoint the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) and inform the Council who it is. Often it will be the same Private Certifier but can be the Council.


What we can do

Your Development Consent may contain conditions and require additional documentation to be prepared by other specialist consultants.

We will:

  • coordinate with you changes required in the Development Consent and
  • provide the required plans, specifications and other documents requested by the certifier.



Our fee will be established depending on amount of work required (Council’s conditions that require amendments to drawings, list of documents requested by the certifier etc).

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