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This package includes what is required to design and document your project so that it could be built. This package is recommended if you are in strict control of your budget and do not expect to change your decisions half-way.

It will be quoted depending on square area to be changed and complexity of the project and separately for each step. Before you read this you may want to check five steps in the process of designing and building a project.

This package includes:

Step 1. Sketch design: One option and up to two revisions.

Step 2. Design development: Development of external features and finishes, coordination of external color scheme with you. Coordination of consultants. Budget update.

Step 3. Planning approval. To learn more about types of approval go to this page.

Step 4. Tender. Working drawings that include plans, section, elevations, wet areas, joinery and window schedule at required scale. With Standard Package the Specification allows for you to select your fittings. You will need to go shopping and provide us with information on your preferred fixtures and fittings. Please remember that changes to the Specifications can often lead to changes to the Working Drawings and vice versa. If you want us to help you with it you convert to Custom package and it is quoted and billed separately on hourly rate.

Step 5. Includes standard contract administration services.


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