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Work under this package will be quoted as percentage of your construction cost. The Extended service is recommended if you are building a new house or having a substantial renovation. It allows you to be covered for all your design changes and detail development from the start. If you acquire Extended services you avoid the need to pay us ever increasing fees as your design develops, which may be the case with Custom service.

The Extended service includes everything you need:

Step 1. Sketch design. Depending on complexity of your project the number of options may be more than two and there may be more revisions than in Standard package. We agree on this during pre-design stage.

Step 2. Design development. In addition to standard work at this stage we develop interior features that may appear in your project. We obtain quotes for these features or materials. With Extended package this stage allows to give more time and attention to details that make your project visually effective and thought through technically.

We focus on:

  • services and how they affect interior and exterior,
  • finishes inside and outside,
  • structural and non-structural features.

Why is it important?

Building a house is expensive and if you want to minimize unpleasant surprises it is worthwhile to spend more time planning. You get an opportunity to ponder over your choices. We might point you towards issues that you would not otherwise consider until it is built.

Step 3. Planning approval as per Standard package. To learn more about types of planning approval click here.

Step 4. Working drawings and tender negotiation:

  • we write a complete Specification and
  • help you select finishes, fittings and fixtures;
  • we make detail drawings of features. To make sure all your dreams are built as you expect the number of drawings can reach dozens because details give away the quality of built form.

Step 5. Contract administration.


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