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Our Custom service is based on the Standard package but you will be able to add services as we progress if you feel the need.

How it works

In the beginning you decide to go with minimal standard services. In the course of the design you decide that you would like a stair with treads cantilevering off the wall and glass balustrade only, without any stringer.

 timber stair cropped


To build this stair we will need to produce extra drawings. The cost of the drawings will be quoted depending on total building cost. This is because the more complex the feature, the more it costs to build and quite often it affects many elements of the building. To make sure it is built properly we will need to make adequate detail drawings that may also be numerous and other drawings will need revisions to prevent clashes.

Another example.

You are renovating your house at the back.  Suddenly you decide that you want to freshen its front and need help choosing colour palette for exterior walls, trims, fascia and gutters so that it looks good with the beautiful front garden. You would like to see three options of colour palettes as coloured drawings. Again, this service will be quoted separately.

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