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Property development assessment for Sydney developers

When you look for deals with a potential to develop it is good to have a full picture before going to auction or starting negotiations. With our help you will be able to have your due diligence done sooner. We will help you to find out what can be built on the property and what chances of approval your project has under current planning regulations.

Cost: $300


How it works

For your convenience we have an online form that you can fill in using your smartphone while on site without drawing too much attention. Alternatively, download Development assessment checklist PDF  to take to site and fill it in.

Call us to make sure we got the form and discuss the timeframe for report.

We also take calls on Saturdays and Sundays 9am-5:30pm.

Property Development Report

Within 72 hours (or sooner if you let us know that you have to act fast) we will email you an easy to read PDF report with a summary of the findings and our comments:

  • Regulations and guidelines that apply to the site
  • How they affect the proposed development
  • Maximum area you can add
  • Issues that Council could potentially contend
  • Consultants that you might require for development application and range of their fees
  • The chances for getting approval for the project: very likely, likely or unlikely.


Call 0407 17 44 34

We work across Greater Sydney. We might contact you within one business day to confirm any further information that might be required for development assessment.

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