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Plants in the air

Public buildings

Commercial and residential

design facade

The brief required to squeeze a multiuse building into a very steep small site between two existing buildings. In addition there is a heritage listed stair leading to a back lane.



Main strategies

Main strategies

The design was resolved as a series of blocks repeating the shape of the existing stair. Through a series of experiments this approach brought about the final form and allowed to address western heat and glare.

The program of all spaces was open to negotiation except the living area for three people but it had to improve the experience of those walking past and create a social hub for locals. All levels had to be accessible. After analysing the site and the nearby area the bottom block was proposed as a shop of airplants, the block above – as a studio where one could learn macrophotography. The levels above are residential because it is only there that daylight can be provided through large south-facing windows without compromising privacy .