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Modern house project

Design Projector was asked by Harbour City Homes to create a modern house design that would be unique and architectural but still quite easy to build and offer cost security.

We set off by discussing what needs such a design should meet and in what ways it should stand out. What materials can such a design afford and how they will be used to create a home that is decidedly Australian. We wanted to create a design that would evolve around the life of today’s Australian family. This is how the house came to be modern in form and in essence.

Homely atmosphere

We asked ourselves what emotions do we want to stir with home owners as they arrive home each day? Pride in a beautiful house – yes, but more important is the feeling of being home. We wanted to immerse the owner immediately into this feeling so we created an entry room which is convenient to empty your pockets and leave the handbag. There are no long corridors and you find yourself in the centre of family activity the moment you arrive.

modern house north facade

Spatial planning – rooms and how they flow

The spaces are planned bearing in mind what people would do around the clock and how they would use the house and move around it. We asked ourselves dozens of questions:

  • How do we connect the most used areas to the outside?
  • How does position of the stair make bedrooms and the study closer to private parts of the home – family room and kitchen?
  • If the kitchen is the heart of the house, how does one access it from the garage?
  • What is the best position for the laundry that is neither too close nor too far from the bedrooms and yet tucked away?
  • How do we make sure that rumpus room is used by everyone? How can privacy of the master bedroom be protected and what are the likely round-the-clock patterns of its use?
  • What would people be able to see and what should be hidden from view in different parts of the house?

The house has well thought of lines of sight: what do and do not the guests see from the living room? Seated on a lounge they remain unaware of the kitchen clutter and often unsightly fridge. They can only see the island bar and the alfresco while the view into the family room can be cordoned off with venetian blinds to keep privacy. At the same time, for large gatherings the bifolds to the alfresco can be opened to create an entertaining area and accommodate all the party.

Passive design

luxury house alfresco

Internal areas have been planned to ensure they get maximum daylight and just enough sun during winter and summer.  Rumpus room filled with sun in winter becomes the best place to play on the floor. Windows on both sides allow for cross-ventilation and prevent glare.  All bedrooms have windows on two sides for the same purpose and where windows face the neighbour privacy is protected by positioning the windows higher.


luxury home design

Materials, Colour, Texture, Rhythm, Pattern, Proportions and Form

The two tone palette is bold and restrained at the same time. It emphasizes the volumes and rhythm of the facade.

The painted surfaces of the wall clad with two types of James Hardie Scyon Axon serve as the backdrop for the external louvres that rhyme with the fine grooves on the walls. The proportions are calculated to create visual harmony and balance. The horizontal and vertical edges of the façade emphasize the geometry and contribute to final impression.


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