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If you had an unlimited budget for your dream house, how much of it would you spend on a view? 50%? 80%? Almost all of it?

For many people view is number one priority in their dream house. This inevitably brings about one of the two problems: either you have a view and then you need to make the most of it or there is no view and you need to create it.

Both problems have solutions. All you need is to find them and select those that suit your property, your budget, your vision.

Katrina Malyn, Building Designer

Katrina Malyn – Designer, B Design in Architecture, UTS, MA in Linguistics

Katrina Malyn is a designer specialising on creating houses with a view even if there is no view.

Her experience in over 30 projects in Sydney as part of a design team and writing a series of articles on design based on world’s best houses allowed her to find out the key principles of designing for a view.

Katrina worked in an architectural firm for three years starting with drawings and worked her way up to doing design as a team with three other architects and prepared documentation for all stages of architectural projects.

In 2012 she started doing her projects under Design Projector. She also applied her linguistic background to create a collection of critical essays on house design, which have been featured online.

Range of projects:

  • Avian Cr, Lane Cove – this $1m project on a steeply sloping site presented many opportunities to create a variety of views to the bush and garden.
  • Abbot St, Cammeray – in this $700,000 project the view is to a magnificent Jacaranda tree and the city landscape far away.
  • Alexander Ave, Willoughby – the $550,000 project is a typical city lot with the views to mature trees and large backyard.
  • Waruda St, Kirribilli – in this $700,000 project directly opposite the Opera House the brief was to add balconies to the five-storey building. The focus was not only on the view to the Opera but also on the new parts of the Art-Deco building.
  • Holtermann St, Crows Nest – this $450,000 terrace house has a view to a side and back garden. It is very open to the view to the north over the rooftops and private at the same time.
  • Multiple projects under $500,000