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Have you got a view and want to make the most of it? 

Here are design principles illustrated with the best examples from around the world.

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7 Cost Factors That Affect Your Renovation
How to get off to a good start money-wise designing your house with a view

7 cost factors that affect your renovation

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Avoid #1 costly mistake

Are you worrying: How do I make the most of my house with a view? How much will it cost? How long will it take? Here is a simple answer:


How to create luxury home oomph


Katrina was recommended by an architect friend... she turned my vague ideas into exciting and practical plans, and she demonstrated an expert knowledge of dealing with council expectations.
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Robyn Lonergan, retired school-teacher, full time doctoral student UNSW

Design concept

A client had some ideas on that she wanted and prepared a rich collection of design images. It was going to be a very big project over $800,000. However, we felt that something was missing, something that would be a theme that would unite the disparate episodes into one story.
After a several meetings I was reviewing the brief looking for this elusive common theme. The hint came from the client interview where she said that she likes music. Slowly the common idea that would support the whole design started to take a certain shape. Watch the video to learn what it was.

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